Endoscopic Nerve Transection

Endoscopic Transection for Spinal Arthritis

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Many patients suffer from low back pain due to arthritis (aka spondylosis). Arthritis can be caused by normal aging or a previous injury. In some cases pain from spinal arthritis can be so severe that it interferes with normal function like standing, walking, sitting, or working.

Traditional medical treatments include physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, pain medications. In severe cases surgery is recommended. Endoscopic Transection is a minimally invasive alteranative to open spinal surgery. The benefits include avoiding general anesthesia and long recovery times normally seen with tradional open spinal surgery.

After a dignosis of arthritis is confirmed on MRI, two spinal injections called Facet Blocks are performed to confirm that the source of pain is coming from the arthritis. If a patient gets excellent pain relief from the diagnostic (test) injections, then the endoscopic procedure is scheduled.

A small tubular device called an endoscope (small camera) is used to visualize the arthritic joint. The small nerve responsible for delivering painful impulses from the arthritic joint is identified. This nerve is transected under direct vision and radio frequency energy is applied. This blocks painful impulses and results in significant pain relief.   Eventhough arthritis is still present in the spine, the pain is not.