Knee Visco-supplementation

Call us to find out if Visco-supplementation is a good option for your knee pain.

Visco-supplementation of the knee joint works like a lubricant for this hinge like joint. Patient with arthritis benefit for visco-supplementation injection in relieving pain, reducing need pain medications, postponing or eliminating need for knee replacement surgery. This treatment has been around for about 20 years. It is one of the most popular drug-free forms of treatment for patients with knee arthritis.

A substance present in our knee joint is called hyaluronic acid. It helps joints collect and hold water, improving lubrication and reducing friction. In patients with osteoarthritis, there is less hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid. As a result, the joint surfaces of the knee don’t get lubricated and are more likely to get injured from daily stresses on the joint.