Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Queens

Physical therapy is a widely accepted treatment which has proven effective in relieving body pain and promoting body functionality and mobility. Physical therapy is the use of physical methods, instead of drugs or surgery, to treat an injury or a pain syndrome.

A wide variety of highly specialized exercises, both high tech, high touch, and much more are used. Pain in the head, neck, back and joints are some of the common physical distresses, faced by most individuals.An effective way to get relief from these painful conditions is physical therapy.
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Physical therapy in many cases can help heal and reduce pain without the need for risks surgery or medications. Medication merely provides temporary relief by masking the pain.  A professional physical therapist can teach healthy habits that can help to avoid pain and other problems in the future.


You may think that you can treat painful condition all by yourself but pain management doctors can manage the situation in a better and effectual way. In addition to treating pain effectively, professionals can excellently address the root cause of a problem. Call us at Integrated Spine & Pain Center, to reduce persistent pain & discomfort and get back to enjoying life, within a minimum time-frame.

At Integrated Spine & Pain Center, our expert therapists are dedicate and engaged to provide physical therapy services in Queens, to ensure complete well being of patients suffering from chronic pain. They also provide essential guidance and teach healthy habits to help patients lead a healthy life.

Our experts thoroughly diagnose each and every patient and create an effective treatment plan to provide relief in their painful condition and restore normal functioning of their body. Physical therapy plays a significant role in rehabilitation program to help patients lead a stress-free life. At our center, we offer physical therapy for treating various health distresses including back pain, herniated disc, neck ache, arthritis, whiplash, fibromyalgia and many more. We use holistic approach to ensure the complete well-being of our patients.

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

  • Provides relief in muscle spam and inflammation
  • Enhances the range of motion and flexibility
  • Improves physical strength
  • Strengthen the spine muscles
  • Lessens the risk of further occurrence of pain


Some Conditions Treated: