Cervical Facet Joint Injections for Neck Pain

What Is a Cervical Facet Joint Pain?

Cervical facet joints are the small joints found on both sides of the spine that give stability while helping guide motion. Cervical joint pain can result in pain in the neck, shoulders, arms or head. This pain results from joint dysfunction. Some of the causes of pain in the facet joints include back injury, mechanical stress to the back or arthritis.

Facet Injection-An Effective Solution for Cervical Facet Joint Pain

Facet Injection is a safe and effective treatment to reduce inflammation and swelling of tissues around the facet joints. This injection effectively helps lessen pain and improve neck movement. In this treatment, anesthetic and steroid are injected into the facet joints of the patient. Facet joint injection procedure is usually carried out to achieve two purposes that include diagnosing the cause of pain and providing relief. It is mainly recommended to those who are ailing from the chronic ache in neck and do not benefit from anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy.