Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Headaches


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Daily headaches a way of life for many Americans. This daily suffering results in many missed days of work, poor social relationships with spouse, friends and family. Patients are often frustrated due to a lack of options for treatment of their condition. Occipital Stimulation is a great scientific breakthrough treatment for chronic daily headache caused by occipital neuralgia.

Traditional treatments for chronic daily headaches include multiple trials of medications and nerve blocks. Often medications don’t work or have significant side effects. Side effects of the medication can be more disabling than the headaches themselves.

Occipital stimulator is a small device that is implanted. It works by sending low grade electrical impulses to the occipital nerves. These nerves are involved in carrying pain sensation to the brain. This is effective in blocking the pain impulses and results in headache relief. Many patients return to work and stop taking pain medications.

Before the implantation step of this device, a trial (test) period is used to see if the device will reduce or eliminate headaches. If pain relief is excellent, implantation is recommended. This device does not work for all headache conditions. A thorough history and physical exam is needed to decide if you are a good candidate.

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