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Back Pain During and After Pregnancy

Back pain is one of the most common complaints during and after pregnancy. How can it be prevented? Is it dangerous? Who is at risk for back pain after pregnancy? First lets examine some of the reasons behind back pain. It is suspected that the most likely reason for back pain is due to the exaggerated lumbar curve or lordosis that is caused by excessive laxity of ligaments in the back. Other reasons may also be at play including obesity, history of back pain before pregnancy, and epidural analgesia during delivery.

Multiple prospective studies have looked at the relationship between epidurals and chronic back pain. In most of them no relationship was found. In other words epidurals are an unlikely cause of back pain. Is the back pain dangerous? In most circumstances back pain is not dangerous – caused by ligament and muscle strain. It can be effectively treated by many conservative treatments including stretching, yoga, weight loss, exercise, over the counter Tylenol or anti inflammatory medications. In cases where back pain is severe or if it persists despite conservative treatments, an evaluation by a pain specialist may be indicated. More serious causes may be involved including herniated discs or pinched nerves. Effective non surgical treatments are available for these diagnoses.

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