Cervical Medial Branch Radiofrequency Ablations (RFA)for Neck Pain

What Is Cervical RFA Ablation Treatment?

The cervical RFA ablation is a non-surgical treatment, which is widely used to treat neck pain caused by arthritis, injury or degenerative changes. In this process, with the help of radio frequency heat, we are able to stop pain signals from reaching to the brain. This procedure is used on nerve tissue to provide relief in the chronic pain. This same treatment is also used in other parts of medicine, including in treating heart rhythm problems .

How Cervical RFA Ablation Treatment Is Done?

This treatment begins with determining the pain generating structure, its nerve supply is aimed for interruption. During cervical RFA ablation process, an anesthesia is used to numb the skin. After that, an insulated needle is inserted near the facet joint and doctor confirms an appropriate cannula tip position. Once, our doctor attains good cannula tip point then the local anesthesia is injected to numb the spot. Further, RF generator heats the cannula tip for nearly 90 seconds and inactivates the target nerve. This results in prolonged pain relief.

Which Kind Of Pain Will Respond To Cervical RFA Ablation Treatment?

  • Neck and Low back Arthritis
  • Neck Whiplash Injury
  • Neck and Low back Sprain