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An Effective Solution To Excruciating Knee Pain

With the chaotic lifestyle, it’s no wonder why knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal problem people have when they visit the doctor. If you have ever suffered from knee pain, then you are probably aware of how excruciating it can be. Knee pain is one of the most common forms of pain experienced by most of the people. Depending on the injury or condition, knee pain can be debilitating. It can have underlying physical as well as emotional and mental effects on the sufferer. Generally, its causes curable and preventable, but once it takes a hold on a person, that person starts giving up life & living life immobilized or handicapped.

Knee is one of the largest joint in the body and is used in almost every activity we perform. It is a complex joint made up of bones, cartilage and ligaments. Cartilages in the knee act as a cushion and gliding surface. Subsequently, over time, normal wear and tear can cause chronic pain to knee joint. When healthy, cartilage prevents the bones in the joint from rubbing together. However, when the joint is affected by degenerative conditions such as arthritis, bones make contact and cause excruciating pain that is steady and nearly constant.

Common Causes Of Knee Pain

Injuries: Knee injuries can be the result of trauma suffered during sports or fall. It involves the ligaments that hold the bones of the knee together – Tibia and Femur.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis can affect joints of the knees, hands or wrists. In rheumatoid arthritis, body’s cells attack on their own tissues. Over time, it can cause cartilage to wear away resulting swelling in the synovium and excess fluid in the knee. However, in later stages, bones can rub against each other.

Bursitis: It is the inflammation of any fluid-filled sacs (bursae) protecting the body’s joints. Bursitis is mainly caused due to repetitive motions or by stress such as kneeling. At times, a sudden injury can also cause bursitis.

How Knee Pain Is Diagnosed?


A medical history includes:

  • A description of knee pain (tenderness, aching, burning or swelling)
  • Where the pain is located and when it occurs?
  • When did the pain start (and if it is a result of any injury or accident)

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