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Pain Management- To Effectively Regain Control on Life!

We often manage work, money and relationships, but ignore our health. This can result in the maze of many health distresses. Pain can be the result of an old injury, illness, poor body posture or lack of proper rest. Before this painful condition gets very severe; visiting a pain management therapist can prove to be a smart idea.

You may think that you can treat painful condition all by yourself but pain management doctors can manage the situation in a better and effectual way. In addition to treating pain effectively, professionals can excellently address the root cause of a problem. Visit us at Precision Pain Medicine – Pain Center NY, to reduce persistent pain & discomfort and get back to the regular schedule within minimum time-frame.

What We Do At Our Center?

Our pain management experts first give a thorough evaluation. A diagnosis is made and appropriate therapies that meet individual needs are started. Our specialists exclusively make use of new techniques for evaluating pain and modern advanced interventional strategies to heal patients with prolonged discomfort.

We utilize multidisciplinary approach to assist patients to actively participate in managing pain and gaining control of their life back. With our services, we aim to ensure complete well-being of patients with a holistic approach.

How Do We Treat Pain Conditions?

At our clinic, we properly determine the cause of discomfort, plan strategies and suggest therapies, accordingly. Our main aim is to ensure the complete well-being and health; therefore we use several holistic treatments that stimulate the ability of body to repair the damaged area. Our holistic treatments are extensively utilized in the form of an alternate to pain medications and surgeries in various musculoskeletal conditions as it focuses on permanently treating the root cause of pain. Our holistic treatments include:

  • Prolotherapy
  • Injection (Plasma)
  • Sarapin Therapy
  • Zeel Therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy

Our other services include Headache Treatments, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and many more. Contact us https://www.paincenterny.com/ to find out more about our services.

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