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Regenerative joint therapy for Low Back Pain

How Does Injection Therapy Help?

Your body’s first response to soft tissue injury is to deliver and activate platelet cells. Packed with growth and healing factors, platelets begin the repair process and attract the critical assistance of your own stem cells. Injection therapy’s natural healing intensifies your body’s efforts by delivering high concentrations of platelets.

How is Injection created?

To create Injection therapy, we take a small sample of your blood (just like a regular lab test sample) and place it into our centrifuge that spins your blood at high speeds, separating the platelets from the rest of your blood. The concentrated platelet rich plasma (Injection) is then injected into and around your point of injury, jump-starting and significantly strengthening your body’s natural healing response. Ultrasound is used to help identify the precise area that needs to be treated.

Injection therapy is a better alternative to cortisone injections because unlike cortisone it improves and accelerates healing process.

Injection Therapy for Low Back Pain

If you have low back pain, platelet rich plasma therapy may help. It uses parts of your own blood to help your body heal itself. Injection can help your back feel better and work better.

How Long Does It Take?

The procedure takes about 45 minutes including time to spin your blood in the centrifuge. Performed safely in our medical office, Injection therapy relieves pain and heals the injury without the risks of surgery, general anesthesia, hospital stays, and without prolonged recovery time. In fact, most of our patients return to their jobs or usual activities right after their Injection treatment, same day!

What Can I Expect As A Result?

Some of our patients tell us that they fell much better in just a few days and continue to improve as the healing progresses. Research studies and clinical practice have shown Injection therapy to be highly effective at relieving pain and returning patient’s to their highest function in their every-day lives. Both MRI and ultrasound images show definite tissue repair after Injection therapy, confirming the healing process. The technique is enticing because it helps regenerate ligament, tendon, and cartilage fibers so that in many cases surgery is no longer needed.

Because Dr. Khaimov performs Injection therapy as an in-office procedure, the therapy can be done at a fraction of the cost of the same procedure done at a surgical facility.

How Can I Read More About Injection Therapy?

If you would like to read more about Injection therapy, we recommend the following websites:


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