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Regenerative joint therapy for Neck Pain


How does Injection help treatneck pain?

Injection (Platelets Rich Plasma) is a natural and non-surgical treatment that provides long-lasting relief in pain by healing many musculoskeletal conditions including back pain, ankle sprain, tennis elbow, ligament sprains etc. Injection is created by collecting the blood of a patient. Further, platelets rich plasma is packed with high concentration of platelets that contain healing proteins. These proteins accelerate the growth of new tissues with the ligaments and tend to repair damage and provide neck pain relief.

How does Injection works?

During Injection procedure, the doctor collects a small amount of blood from the patient and places it in a centrifuge for about 15 minutes. The centrifuge is a tool that separates platelets from the blood by spinning it at a high speed. Afterwards, Injection is injected into the injured area of the patient with the help of ultrasound image guidance.

How long does it take?

The complete process of Injection will take around one hour.  That includes preparation and recovery time.This therapy effectively relieves chronic pain without the risk of surgery, anesthesia or a prolonged stay in hospital. Moreover, patients can conveniently return to their daily activities or jobright after the treatment.

What are the expected results of Injection?

Clinical studies have suggested that Injection is highly beneficial in relieving pain and helping patients to return to their normal activities. Injection treatment promotes the healing process and reduces the need of painful surgeries or long-term medication treatments. But, in the first few days some patients may experience discomfort and swelling in the injected area. Therefore, pain relieving medicines are provided to the patient after Injection which help alleviate thesymptoms. However, Injection ensures definitive tissue repair and rendering long-lasting relief in the painful conditions.


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