Doctor's photo Ribi Priyev, PA Pain Specialist

Ribi Priyev, PA

Ribi Priyev is a St John’s University Physician Associate alumni who is eager to be part of the Pain Management team. His curiosity of medicine started from an engineering standpoint of learning the unique functionality of the human body.

He trained under Ivy league doctors in the field including Dr. Khaimov and Dr. Tim Canty.

He embraces the body’s ability to heal itself and educate patients on the methods of doing so. At this time his current goal is to expand the regenerative medicine aspect of the practice including autologous Injection and stem cells to further ensure patient healing and longevity. He also specializes in Urgent care medicine on his per diem basis.

You’ll see him frequently in all the locations helping each patient achieve their goals one day at a time.


Doctor and staff is very friendly, the doctor is very patient with you and he makes you feel very comfortable before giving you any shot.

Tami G.

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