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Tension Headaches

Tension headaches cause pressure or tightness on both sides of the head. The intensity is usually mild to moderate. Some descriptions include “pressure”, “tight cap”, “dull”, or “band-like”. There is no aggravation of the headache by normal physical activity. Headache may be infrequent episodic, frequent episodic (1-14 days/months), or chronic (more than 15 days of headache per month).

If your headache is frequent episodic or chronic (more than 15 days per months) and all you have been treated with is medications we have good news for you. There are excellent drug-free alternatives available to manage your headaches. Call Precision Pain Medicine – Pain Center NY to learn how we can help with your headaches.

Options for Treatment include:


I am an Occupational therapist and an owner of a physical therapy, occupational therapy and hand therapy office and I can honestly say after being treated by Dr. Khaimov and his team, I would not go anywhere else. From the front desk to the Doctors, they treat you with RESPECT and 5 star care. They are super knowledgeable in the area that they are treating and teach you how to manage the pain! The office is brand NEW, clean, comfortable and they make you feel at home. This is the type of office that makes you feel proud to be a healthcare provider and to continue great, quality care.

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